Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Days

I love the realization that I'm a pretty chill person.  And I love the realization that other people think I'm a pretty chill person, and that they value my chillness.  Sometimes I am led to believe that I'm just plain passive, but I've learned that being mild tempered and in a state of peace can help others follow your lead.  And some certainly find it skin crawling.
But I try anyway and thankfully, it usually works.  So with a nice parting gift from 1st grade I began my eleven days of intended merriment.  
I've gotten much more than I expected, and really, I shouldn't be expecting anything.  People  have a tendency to surprise and bless me in fantastic ways. There is a little goodness left afterall.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I think I've become increasingly aware of other peoples'.....proximity.  Its as if they're not even there. When I walk through stores I nearly walk through people; not really excusing myself in the least.  I think, perhaps, it may have something to do with the nearly unbelievable lack of personal space I endured while living in Asia.  No one gave way to anyone else.  There were so many people every where that a "pardon me" became irrelavant - there was no space to give. 
So here I am doing the same, figuring everyone needs to get somewhere.  Especially now that the stores are buzzing with the holiday traffic, I just keep going maneuvering around, between, behind, over, and never think of it until someone gives me the look.  That look that says, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"  And that's just it, I wasn't thinking.  Its not like I see them and just decide to ignore them. I have no qualms about it; like I said, you go where you need to be and I'll go where I need to be.  
The other week someone was holding the door open to either go through it themself or let the person next to them through it, and I entered instead.  It was a bit embarassing after it was pointed out to me. But hey, who can blame either one of us?  Everyone has to have a moment of social inferiority.