Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Newness of New

And here we are. Back at it, after what some may call a summer vacation but really didn't feel very vacationy at all. Vacations rejuvenate, refresh, even inspire as they take you away from your everyday, away from your regular, away from "the norm".  I didn't get that; I'm just back, with nothing to show for it. We stood in a circle and while other shared celebrations of a new home, so many years married, new grand baby, some trip, project finished...I listened and shoved away my millstone disguised as a new car. A new car - exciting and nerve-wrecking and a bit heartbreaking to know I'll be saying goodbye to my not-so-trusty Big Red who I actually love driving. But I do think it was just that time. 
And it was time to go back I suppose.  The time I had did seem like a break though, and for that I should be thankful. I should be thankful for a lot of things that have occured over the past week or so. New car, or almost like 2 new cars once the JEEP is returned after a make-over, new books thanks to the Book Fair, new food and drinks, a new school with new kids...Its all fresh and rejuvenating in its own way. I hope to take advantage of this year, to really search and evaluate and consider; to not be so stressed by the prospect of having to endure.