Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It's that time: Madness. This and Christmas are the most, and sure-fire, exciting times of the year. Then, you get to stay up and watch movies after baking all day in the warmth of your home.  Now, its spring break which allows for back-to-back, late-night, overtime games because you can sleep in and lounce around in the nice weather all day. Except there's a foot of snow on the ground. That's right. Three days after the first day of spring, and THE first day of spring break, drops a blizzard. No one really believed it either because the day before was so nice but sure enough it came in a furry. A hard deep snow which, suppossed to be or not, is inevitably magical.
I like believing in something, cheering and hoping they pull through. I yell and clap and shout and grab and slap and annoy certain individuals to the fullest degree. Sometimes I think it would be contagious; I would like it to be but if not at least let me have my parade. 

The vacay to Columbia was cancelled only to bring them to me in the next few days. Rather, I spent the night with a suprisingly rambunctious group of my mother's generation. We retreated with the ladies and I primarily played on my computer. But Africa came up in conversation and Mom got to mingle so that was worthwhile. 

With or without the weather to go with it, I have the spring mentallity and the urge to cheer.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I am forcing myself to write. I hope by doing so something will pour out of me that helps makes things more clear, more evident. I'm pressed, and though the weight holds you down it can also let things out. The past week has been a bit brutal; things feel bigger than I. That is not uncommon; only disconcerning most of the time. But the other time which is not the most, I'm grasping. Usually I grab a place. Buy a ticket, pack a bag, and I get over it. For awhile. It always comes back - that feeling of being pressed. And until everything comes out I let it ride. This time, I haven't been able to clench anything yet. I really can't seem to find what will help me get over it. And I really can't quite figure out if I'm overwhlemed or underwhelmed, just whelmed.