Tuesday, April 23, 2013

To the Moon and Back

A Blue Moon infused run on a cool moonless night is rewarding and can't be taken for granted. Neither can roaming an open market with Johnny Cash singing to you, or a fresh seafood dinner. And neither can Saturdays, they're my favorite. This one didn't even turn out the way I had planned but ended up with enough to fill my plate...and my stomach and heart. That has been happening more and more these days, and the most remarkable thing about it is that its happening here. I haven't had to go to some exotic land or venture outside of my immediate circle and step foot somewhere I've never been. In a way maybe my steps have been taken a little differently, in a different place. But its not something I've been obsessive or frantic about. I haven't needed to be drastic. That's unusual. Not my typical approach. This has been certain encounters though, certain people even moreso. I'm getting my kicks from company and conversation - dinner and drinks, drinks and dinner, a bike ride, walking the dog, a surprise party for someone I don't even know, parties for people I do, old friends, new friends - its simply been a hodgepodge of encouragement, peace, and energy. 

photo via mackin ink

Saturday, April 13, 2013


"Long ago, before we were married, H. was haunted all one morning as she went about her work with the obscure sense of God (so to speak) 'at her elbow,' demanding her attention. And of course, not being a perfected saint, she had the feeling that it would be a question, as it usually is, of some unrepented sin or tedious duty. At last she gave in—I know how one puts it off—and faced Him. But the message was, 'I want to GIVE you something' and instantly she entered into joy."
~ A Grief Observed

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good or Great

I surprisingly found Good Friday to be very good. Some holidays can be really rough, simply because little happens and it feels like something should. Something more. And when it simply just comes and goes without being marked by THAT something, whatever it may be, I tend to feel like I lost something even if I never had it...How good it is though when an unexpected encounter illuminates your whole day? I haven't seen her in 3 years and even then, it was briefly. To see her the other day it was like no time at all passed. And Erin is one of those people you just feel better when you're around her; she always seems happy to be alive. I was primarily motivated to see Steph and the new babe, but after she left I had an afternoon and evening of good company and conversation. And so I am reminded of the little things. I realize I often overlook the little things in the desire to see the big things. Its like looking for the rainbow without enjoying the rain. Or the bowl of ice cream and not appreciating the spoon. Maybe not that last one; really, maybe not the first one either....but a bike ride on a beautiful day or revisting my old stomping grounds or a homemade meal or some encouraging words. Those are things, or deeds rather because I don't particularly like the word "things", that need to be recognized and cherished.