Thursday, June 14, 2012

Up Up Up

Oh, summer! How I love and loathe thee simultaneously. For your endless days, and time to travel, and cold drinks, and....heat.  Why can't there be a summer where it never breaks 70 degrees or so? At this point I should be thankful in which way it comes I suppose. I'm cleaning up and freshing up and catching up; all those things you need time for and summer brings time.
And Africa is just around the corner. 

Friday, June 1, 2012


E often thinks of things I wish I would have thought of.  His mind is a little wheel, and so much seems to be going on in there I wonder what we would discover if he could actually get it all out. But last week he exteneded a peace treaty that squeezed my heart into slush.  In a perfectly folded piece of paper he explained to R the sadness experienced when he doesn't follow directions. Nonetheless, E reckoned, they could still be best friends.
How much more appropriate is that then a shout of, "Dude, just get your shit together!"? 
Its genius really. I've been wondering ever since if that is what I should have done all seems too simple. Or maybe just too humble.  The thing about humility, is that you often must aknowledge someone else's position and swallow a spoonful of pride. I'd rather swallow their pride. Unfortunately, R saw little opportunity in E's proposal and so we moved on.  That's the other risk - putting yourself on the line and being rejected or passed right by.
But the year has finally finished after a painfully slow passing. JB and I went out with a bang too, rather than taking one. Not that it made the whole year worth it but it was most the fun I've had in weeks.  I took a lot out of this year; I left a lot behind to because that's where it needed to stay. It will be there still if I get back. IF?