Thursday, June 16, 2016

Banking On a Myth

Well, hello. There has been quite a length of time between now and last time I've written. Written here at least. Some technical difficulties forced me to invest my words elsewhere, but the difficulties have somehow been resolved.  I can't say that in regards to all difficulties, only the one I've been experiencing with getting a post up.....
The past 6 months have been anything but smooth or without difficulty. To recount all that has occurred - from destructive students, to disagreements with co-workers, to planned trips and cancelled trips, to car issues, from how to make money this summer, to what to spend money on this summer - would be tedious and exhausting. Things are happening though, whether they are the things I was necessarily expecting or not at least I'm not sitting around all summer feeling sorry for myself. Things at school cleaned up relatively nicely, and I don't have fear or hostility awaiting for me when I return.
Its often hard to look at things and believe that they'll work themselves out. When you can't really see much further than what's right in front of you, how do you know what's going to be for you down the road?
It's having faith, believing that somehow this frustrating burden will alleviate and leave you the better. Or at least not abandon you with nothing. Its hard not to think that it will; to tell the lies that that's just what they are: lies.   
I'm excited about the rest of the summer and what it has to hold.