Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm checking in before checking out. A week and a half out of comission. This is the part of the summer I live for - the part when I get to go away. This is a bit different because I'm going away with someone I'm often trying to go away from. But I'm hoping this will do for my father what it does for me, and clear his head and open his heart. He's been a beast; someone I've honestly wanted nothing to do with and even my effort hasn't exactly been well received. It blew up like a landmine a couple of weeks ago and I nearly thought this whole trip was going to get cast aside. But we have things packed and a route we're planning on embarking on in 2 days. So.....

This may be setting myself up for heartbreak; I may also be organizing a reckoning. That would be grand. 

photo via amodernhepburn