Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh, hey

Time has passed. I've found myself seemingly off-kilter the past week or so. Especially the past few days, something has felt uncharacteristic. I can't say exactly what it it - not my reoccurring overwhelmation of emotion (not a word, I know) but just... unbalanced may be the closest descriptive word I can conjur up. I typically go through these little bursts of an earnest desire for change; I just want something to be different and productive. I've had that recently too, and I know what it is. This is a bit different. I'm thinking that all this time on my hands may actually be a little detrimental. It leads to idleness, which leads to laziness, which leads to unenthusiam, which leads to...well, possibly this feeling I am attempting to describe. I still have no word for it, and I'm not sure any of the previous ones really help form an idea. But maybe I'll figure it out in these last two weeks of vacation, or it will pass by then.