Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Thousand Or More

I love airports. I love the hustle and bustle, the anticipation, the baggage, the prodding of senses. I believe I love the airport even more than the actual airplane. I could pack my bags and spend the afternoon at the airport even when I have nowhere to go. 
Its just the feeling of possibility, the possibility that at any moment I could end up somewhere else, a different place. And all of these people have that feeling. I love sitting and watching them. Couples, old and young, families with their children in tow, grandparents....They run to their destination, some drag. They rummage through their belongings, browse the stores for last minute essentials, chat on their cellphones and fiddle with their laptops. I love strolling up and down past the gates and finding where each plane is headed. Whether they're going to face something familiar or new, something exhilarating or oppressive - its a journey. Its leaving what was behind. That's something I have an urge, an incredibly strong and insatiable urge to do most of the time. I want to go...
I began reading a book called One Thousand Gifts, delving into what it means to be fulfilled right where you are rather than always chasing things and feeling like "IT" is somewhere else. Quite certainly one of my biggest challenges. Could I really find one thousand things to be grateful for and find peace and satisfaction in them?