Monday, January 20, 2014


I've been spending money lately. Under the current circumstances, that isn't a good thing. I have more bills to pay, and I'm by myself more too which means I'm looking for more entertainment. Then there is that downfall of not being a salaried employee, especially when breaks and snow hit. So the number in the account has been decreasing, without the same replinshing as usual. I'm going to have to refrain more often and use my own "how tos" of saving money.

1. When buying travel containers for airports or the gym, make sure they have something in them. I.e. your little shampoo bottle should actually have shampoo in it.
2. Save your plastic shopping bags for trash can bags.
3. Refrigerate your rather than buy ice cube trays.
4. Wear layers during the winter, bake or drink coffee/tea throughout the day.
5. Shower at the gym as often as possible. (Their water, their soap.)
6. Dumpster dive.
7. Use the library!
8. Stock up on whatever possible when at your parents'.
9. Casually drop hints around the workplace that you're lacking.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Day, or Days

I haven't been to work in nearly 20 days...the combination of winter break and a winter blizzard has put  me out of work and out of a paycheck. We took over 13" in just one day. So what are some good snowed-in activities?

1. Watch as many complete seasons of TV shows as possible (in this case Lost, The Cosby Show)
2. Watch random yet fitting documentaries (Happy People: A Year in the Taiga; It Might Get Loud)
3. Clean. Clean the floor, the toilet, the sink, the counter, the table, the dishes, the...
4. Google people. Or IMDB them or cruise Facebook for a profile.
5. Cook stirfry and soups. Bake cookies and coffee cakes because you have time. And its cold.
6. Watch random clips on youtube (song covers and tribute videos)
7. Start writing a collection of essays
8. Look through everyone else's weather photos on Facebook and Instagram, even though you could just stare out your own window.
9. Watch, through the same previously said window, and awe at your neighbors who are attempting to get up the hill. In a blizzard.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Standing Next to You

"Many things have gone wrong with the world that God made and...God insists, and insists very loudly, on our putting them right again." - C.S. Lewis

In the big picture, some of my complaints, worries, and burdens are so small. Insignificant, really. Years will pass, with me either realizing these things will be lost and letting them go or continuing to ponder them and wish differently. It seems nearly every situation or outcome could be analyzed and given an "if only" ...that extra money in a paycheck, extra points on a paper(my 4.0 dropped to a 3.9, igniting this whole entry), missing utensils or appliances, that bill, the schedule at would surely make a difference and my life would be easier, even if just a tad, if I could change some things. But what would it really do? I mean, would my 4.0 really do anything for my day to day? Or not having to pay for that internet installation? Or having a desk job versus one that required me to be on my feet most the day? Are those the things I think will make such a difference? 
I seen hardship, to the extreme that it qualifies as more than hardship; suffering. I've lived simply, without common comforts. And when I have them, what do I have to show for it? I've felt, for some time, other peoples' problems are often much more worthy of my attention. 

photo via amodernhepburn