Saturday, February 18, 2012


"I'm creeping inside your heart and rearranging it so the TV is not the center of the room. "

Please do. Do a little dusting while you're at it; straighten up the clutter.  

photo from awelltraveledwoman.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sail Through

Man of my dreams....either one.  It's Tuesday, which means Monday is over.

photos from awelltraveledwoman.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Incredibly and Extremely

I did what Mom and Dad told me I should never do: got in the car with a stranger.  Being about 20 pounds lighter, 4 inches taller, and 15 years younger, I was somewhat confident that I'd be able to escape if need be. And it was a her. A her makes a difference, sorry to all the hers.  Helping someone out made my crappy day suddenly not so crappy.  The poor thing just needed some directions and I was "lucky" enough to be flagged down.  Then the guy at the credit union let me cut to the very front of the line. Karma, baby. It doesn't always find its way back but its obvious when it does.
I also went to the movies. By myself.  I almost think thats the best way to go to the movies.  Who wants someone whispering in your ears at every scene they have an opinion about? Not me because I only go the movies for an experience, one that has me thinking for days.
And this one broke my heart. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close...what a gutting film.
Then a kickboxing class broke my body.  My muscles are still screaming three days later.   It was a whim and the stress came out in a healthy way. Really smashing someone's face in might not have been the best alternative, especially since some of them are letting me cut lines.